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Trinity Timber Sports Logging Show Winners

  • Youth "Teen of the Timber" (high point) - Eli Faulkner
  • Youth Axe Throwing - Eli Faulkner
  • Youth Bucking - Lily Hohn & Braelynn Haight
  • Youth Nail Pounding - Eli Faulkner
  • Women '"Chick of the Sticks" (high point) - Ashleigh Ehrke
  • Men "Bull of the Woods" (high point) - Tyler Geist
  • Log Roll - Tyler Geist
  • Stock or Modified Saw (0-80cc) - Colby Brown
  • Stock or Modified Saw (80-95cc) - Colby Brown
  • Hot Saw (95cc and up) - Colby Brown
  • Women's Hot Saw (95xcc and up) - Karen Niemi
  • Men's Choker Setting - Thomas Mlakar
  • Women's Choker Setting - Belinda Brookins
  • Men's Axe Throwing - Tyler Geist
  • Women's Axe Throwing - Taylor Fielding
  • Women's Nail Pounding - Gloria Reynolds
  • Jill & Jill Bucking - Gabby Patton & Ashleigh Ehrke
  • Jack & Jill Bucking - Tori Geist & Tyler Geist
  • Double Hand Bucking - Ethan Fagan & Bailey Carpenter
  • Pole Climbing - Thomas Mlakar

Commercial Concession Registration

If you would like to register to be a Vendor click on the Link below and complete the Registration Form and email or mail to Trinity County Fair.


NEW ​2023 Trinity County Fair Exhibits Entry & Special Events Forms!  Pre-Sale Monday June 12th!

 Thank you to all our Sponsors & Donors, I would like to   let you know we are changing our policy and all   information sent regarding sponsorships and/or   donations will no longer be labeled an invoice. They will   be a 'Request for Payment' and will be sent after   contacting each Sponsor and/or Donor to confirm the   sponsorship and/or donation. If we do not hear back   regarding your donation, we will still mail the Request   for Payment to give the opportunity to confirm   sponsorship and/or donation, and if we do not hear   back by March 1st of each year, or prior to printing of   the Annual Fair Exhibitors Premium Book, we will re-   assign that sponsorship and/or donation. Again thank   you to our community for always supporting "Your"   Trinity County Fair!

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2023 Fair Special Events Winners

  • Pet Parade - Louden Spain with Willy (dog)
  • Ugly Dog Contest - Shana Wilson with Puggly (dog)
  • Baby Creeper Contest - Ezekial Connor
  • Adult Creeper Contest - Stephani Budd
  • Pinewood Derby - Tom Thoreau
  • Friday Cornhole Singles - Tony Russell
  • Friday Cornhole Doubles - Tony Russell & Travis Belongia
  • Saturday Cornhole Singles - Clint Martin
  • Saturday Cornhold Doubles - Clint Martin & Wyatt Martin
  • Horseshoe Doubles - Josh Wright & Adam Dummer
  • Texas Holdem' Tournament - Aaron Foust
  • Bicycle Races 4 & Under - Rustler Millsap
  • Bicycle Races Ages 5-6 - Easton Harrison
  • Bicycle Races Ages 7-8 - Kyler Stoddard
  • Bicycle Races Ages 9-10 - Chayce Smith
  • Bicycle Races Ages 11-13 - Emma Palmer
  • Little Miss Trinity - Sadie Cavalli
  • Little Mister Trinity - Isaiah Connor
  • Talent Show Division 2 - Savannah Dean
  • Talent Show Division 3 - Jayden Xiong
  • ​Talent Show Division 4 - Amilia Thibodeaux

"Fair Season is the Best Season"

2023 Fair Theme by:  Betty Leedy

​Exhibitor of the Year - Debbie Holland-Olsen

​Jr. Exhibitor of the Year - Jazlyn Carter

School - Hayfork Elementary School

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